How should a qr-code be formated with an amount in it?

The npm package ethereum-qr-code uses the following format according to EIP-67:


But this format will not be recognized by every wallet on the market. Many wallets uses the "?amount=10" parameter from the bitcoin BIP21.

What format should be used, to cover most of the wallets?

In wich format is the value in EIP67 formatted? In Wei or Ether?

Is a hyprid version possible with value and amount parameter? e.g:


Well it's a decentralized world. There is no "official" way of doing things. It's also probably quite difficult to know what format "most" wallets support (if any).

I was reading through the EIP67 and it's not obvious whether the value should be in Ethers or Weis. A comment here suggests weis: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/67#issuecomment-323798912 and wei is the typical unit in all transactions so I'd think it's in weis. Some comments even suggested that the value might mean a token amount - beats me.

So basically you just have to figure out which format is supported by most wallets (or does such format even exist and do most wallets even support something like this) and then decide on what you will use.


I couldn't find any decent official specification, but Coinbase generates QR code in such format: ethereum:0xaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?value=500000000000000

where value is in Wei and not ETH (1 ETH = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei).

  • Well spotted. Can you provide a link to showcase this? – Thorkil Værge Feb 7 at 11:22

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