So everything worked fine in truffle 4.1.14, but when I upgraded to 5.0.0 I got this error:

TypeError: source.setEngine is not a function
  at Web3ProviderEngine.addProvider (node_modules/web3-provider-engine/index.js:71:10

I'm using this require:

const ProviderEngine = require('web3-provider-engine')

And this is the code that is cusing the error:

var engine = new ProviderEngine()


Is it a bug with web3 provider engine? Any help would be great thanks!

  • Truffle 5 has upgraded web3 version from 0 to 1. – goodvibration Jan 31 '19 at 21:38
  • But its web3-provider-engine thats failing not web3? – Mark Oland Feb 2 '19 at 18:42

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