I'm writing a user interface in Javascript and I'm using the web3.js library.

I have the transaction hash of a confirmed transaction. I would like to get an array of all events emitted by that transaction.

I don't necessarily need all events, just the ones emitted by my smart contract by the execution of that transaction.

Can this be done using web3.js? What's a good way to accomplish this?


This is a bit convoluted since Web3 does not directly expose events emitted by a transaction, but it can be queried by tracing the transaction.

  1. Trace transaction : https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/Management-APIs#debug_tracetransaction
  2. It will return a block of info for each instruction of transaction. (PUSH1 in this example)

{ depth: 1, error: "", gas: 162106, gasCost: 3, memory: null, op: "PUSH1", pc: 0, stack: [], storage: {} }

  1. Filter for opcodes LOG0 -- LOG4. These instructions are used for raising events.

enter image description here

  1. Decode Event name from the data that is part of OPCODE block

So far, I've solved this in a slightly dirty way:

  1. Use getTransaction(txhash) to get the block number in which the transaction was confirmed.

  2. Use getPastEvents("allEvents", {fromBlock: blockNumber, toBlock: blockNumber}) to get all events emitted by my contract in that block

  3. Filter out the events with the correct txhash

I would prefer not to fetch and loop over all events in a block just to get the ones emitted by one transaction, so I'm not going to accept my own answer.

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