i know this question has been asked many times in this forum, but none of them give clear cut answer to the questions. I tried the snippet mentioned in this answer: Common useful JavaScript snippets for geth ; But, it gives me the reply as "undefined" when run in the node.

Can someone please guide me on how i can query the blockchain to get incoming transactions to an address?



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You can try this for upcoming transaction in latest blocks, even though I feel that the frequency of watch here is a bit high to use it in any application.

var address = web3.eth.accounts[0];     
var filter = web3.eth.filter('latest');

filter.watch(function(error, result){
    var block = web3.eth.getBlock(result, true);
    console.log('current block #' + block.number);

        for(var index in block.transactions)
            if(block.transactions[index].to == address)

Hope this helps.

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