I made sample dapp application for interacting with smart contract and i developed a basic ui when i am publishing it to ipfs like i did seeing a tutorial and ipfs documentation, i can get only index.html file and supporting scripts and css files are throwing error file not found. can any pls help me out in this issue.

  • Hi there. What did you see in the tutorial, and exactly what commands have you tried? What is the error being output? – Richard Horrocks Jan 28 '19 at 9:19
  • i used ipfs add -r <my-directory> command and took my directory hash and published on the browser url. I am getting net::ERR_ABORTED 404 for all my files in chrome console. – Prasanth A S Jan 28 '19 at 10:08

Most probably you're linking to the resources the wrong way. Make sure you're referring to your resources with relative URLs, so instead of doing <script src="/my-script.js"></script> (absolute link) you do <script src="./my-script.js"></script> (relative link).

This is because a IPFS website could be loaded in many contexts. Linking to ./my-script.js would work correctly at all times while absolute would work in some but not all.

Some examples:

Development context, you load http://localhost:3000, /my-script.js (absolute) works alright because your website root is localhost:3000.

Gateway context, you load http://ipfs.io/ipfs/$yourHash, now /my-script.js would not work, as then it tries to load from http://ipfs.io/my-script.js instead of http://ipfs.io/ipfs/$yourHash/my-script.js. Relative link fixes that.

Dnslink context, you load http://example.com, again /my-script.js would work correctly, because your website root is example.com.

So verify your resource links are actually relative. If they already are, please post your code so we can look into it further.

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