On a locally hosted instance of Ethererum I am trying to replay and understand the Bad Parity hack. I have a Wallet and a Wallet Library Contract.


constructor(address lib) public payable {
    walletLibrary = lib; 
    walletLibrary.delegatecall(bytes4(keccak256("initWallet(address)")), msg.sender);

function () public payable {
    emit LogValue(301,msg.value);

I want to fetch all the coins by resetting the owner with the fallback Method.


function initWallet(address _owner) public payable {
   owner = _owner;

My idea is to call the fallback method with Remix with the following parameters:

bytes4(keccak256("initWallet(address)")), msg.sender);

I manually computed bytes4 and keccak with the web3 console, is this approach correct?

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