Hey guys thanks in advance!

Here is the interface provided by the go-ethereum library in the bin package. I need an example on how to implement this interface please :)

// ContractTransactor defines the methods needed to allow operating with contract
// on a write only basis. Beside the transacting method, the remainder are helpers
// used when the user does not provide some needed values, but rather leaves it up
// to the transactor to decide.
type ContractTransactor interface {
    // PendingCodeAt returns the code of the given account in the pending state.
    PendingCodeAt(ctx context.Context, account common.Address) ([]byte, error)
    // PendingNonceAt retrieves the current pending nonce associated with an account.
    PendingNonceAt(ctx context.Context, account common.Address) (uint64, error)
    // SuggestGasPrice retrieves the currently suggested gas price to allow a timely
    // execution of a transaction.
    SuggestGasPrice(ctx context.Context) (*big.Int, error)
    // EstimateGas tries to estimate the gas needed to execute a specific
    // transaction based on the current pending state of the backend blockchain.
    // There is no guarantee that this is the true gas limit requirement as other
    // transactions may be added or removed by miners, but it should provide a basis
    // for setting a reasonable default.
    EstimateGas(ctx context.Context, call ethereum.CallMsg) (gas uint64, err error)
    // SendTransaction injects the transaction into the pending pool for execution.
    SendTransaction(ctx context.Context, tx *types.Transaction) error

I have some basic starter code here, so that people can see where I need the interface applied.

package main

import (

func main() {
    if err != nil {

    if err != nil {

    userMainAddress := userAddress.Address()
    mainConctractAddress := contractAddress.Address()
    if err != nil {
    //LOOOOOOOK HERE PEOPLE THANK YOU --------------------------------------

    var one bind.ContractTransactor
    transactor, err:=contracts.NewERC721Transactor(mainConctractAddress,one)
    if err != nil {
    auth, err := bind.NewTransactor(strings.NewReader(constants.GetEthKey()),constants.GetEthParaphrase())
    trans, err:=transactor.Mint(auth,userMainAddress,big.NewInt(123))

    if err != nil {


The ethclient package implements the ContractTransactor interface, so you just have to instantiate the client:

client, err := ethclient.Dial("https://mainnet.infura.io")

and then you can pass it to your contract transactor method:

transactor, err:= contracts.NewERC721Transactor(mainContractAddress, client)

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