hopefully someone can help me with my question.

I have a factory to create an instance of a dealContract. Everything works except one thing. I cant send wei to the created instance, so lets see the code

 contract DealFactory {
    address[] public deployedDeals;

    function createDeal() public payable  {
        address newDeal = new Deal(msg.sender);



    function getDeals() public view returns (address[]) {
        return deployedDeals;

The constructor of my Deal looks like this

 function Deal ( address _buyer) public payable {

All i wanna do is, get the msg.value from the factory function to my Deal Contract.

Thanks in advance, I really have no idea how to do this


You could do:

address newDeal = new Deal(msg.sender);

or you can also do:

address newDeal = (new Deal).value(msg.value)(msg.sender);

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