I'm trying to write a test which verifies I can query a given type of events by the user/address which sign them.

I would like to apply TDD (relevant to say I haven't made the implementation for this particular case yet).

I was expecting something like:

  describe('get user history', () => {
    it ('returns the events signed by the user', async () => {

      # create account for user 'john' with generated private key

      # submit transaction 'buyGroceries' with 'john' signature which should emit an event

      # submit transaction 'buyNewspaper' with random account which should emit an event

      # assert the first and only the first transaction is returned when query for the event type signed by 'john'


The problem with this is that I don't find any utils which allow me through truffle tests to create an account with a private key on its clean-room environment.

What am I missing?

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