When creating a proposal for a split, the recipient is the new curator.

splitDAO() has 2 arguments :

  • proposalID: The proposal ID.
  • newCurator: The address of the new Curator of the new DAO.

As I understand, anyone can join an existing split, and then call the splitDAO() function with himself as newCurator.

The questions are :

  • If I set myself as the curator in the proposal, others people who wanted to join the split will also have to call splitDAO() with the same curator address, or another one ?
  • Vitalik said they are in touch with the proposal #59 curator, so the attacker did not split with himself as curator ?

Thank you

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Thanks to this line of the contract's source code, https://github.com/slockit/DAO/blob/develop/DAO.sol#L631, the curator specified in splitDAO() has to be the same as specified in the proposal, so the attacker is stuck if he isn't the curator of the proposal.

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