I am using an ERC20 token which is used by a smart contact, EOAs also holds tokens

How can I use the transfer function for transferring tokens from the EOA to a different Smart Contract address .

when I use the function transfer within the contract which is to be funded from an account which calls the parent function,

can it be done like this ? tokenContractInstance.transfer(address(this), _bidValue); will the tokens be debited from the msg.sender of the parent function ?

Thank You

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    If the contract calls transfer, then the tokens will be transferred from the contract. I think you're looking for approve (called by the token owner) and then transferFrom (called by the contract). – smarx Jan 21 at 23:28
  • Yeah got it , I was thinking that , if the msg.sender of the parent function gets delighted call to the transfer func . Got it now , Thanks a lot – CryptoScroller Jan 21 at 23:31
  • How to call approve on behalf token owner when you are inside the contract to which you are sending the contract. Suppose EOA wants to approve the contract, Inside a function can the EOA call tokenInstance.approve(address(this), _tokenAmount) , will this function be called on behalf of msg.sender(EOA) or the smart contract calling the function? – CryptoScroller Jan 25 at 6:33
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    If that code is in the contract, then it's the contract doing the approving. You need the EOA to call approve on the token contract. – smarx Jan 25 at 6:50
  • can you guide me how to do that with an example? It will be very helpful – CryptoScroller Jan 25 at 12:43

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