I am using ethLogFlowable to subscribe to an event and read the args of the event, in my case an address and a uint256 value.

I have followed this answer stackExchangeLink, but I am always getting only one element from topics which is the my-event-hash.

Here is my code:

        MainActivity.web3j.ethLogFlowable(filter).subscribe(log -> {
                System.out.println("Event equal "+log);
             Address arg1 = (Address) FunctionReturnDecoder.decodeIndexedValue(log.getTopics().get(1), new TypeReference<Address>() {});
            System.out.println("----ARG1: "+arg1);


The application crash as log.getTopics contains only one element hash_event

Any idea? please.

  • Can you edit your answer and add the definition of this event from your solidity contract. Commented Jan 20, 2019 at 18:14

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I tested the code below and it is working now for me. The arguments can be extracted from getParameters as follow:

List<Type> args = FunctionReturnDecoder.decode(
                    log.getData(), my_event.getParameters());
System.out.println("Seller : "+args(0).getValue());
System.out.println("Price  : "+args(1).getValue());

And this is the solidity definition of the event:

 event OfferAccepted (address _seller, uint _price);

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