For example, when I am using:

                method: "eth_signTypedData_v3",
                params: [customerAddress, data],
                from: customerAddress,
                id: new Date().getTime()

I would like to know if eth_signTypedData_v3 is supported by the web3 provider before I invoke it.

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As far as I know JSON RPC 2.0 has no introspection mechanisms and in Ethereum's JSON RPC specification is also no function for introspection available. Hence, the only solution that I see, is to make for every function that you want to check a request with an invalid (e.g. empty) params list.

If you get an error response with the message "Method xxxx is not supported" then you know it's not supported.

  • Pity, it looks like that's the case then! Jan 21, 2019 at 22:14

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