I'm new here and have no idea if this is the right way to respond. So I duplicated the question a have a question about:

I've done the things written in the answer on the original question and I could see the text file. But the blocks start sync from scratch on the old location (C:Drive). What could be the reason? Hope you can shine some light on this. Ite

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Yesterday, in the middle of sync I just noticed that i was running out of space, and desired that now I want to use another drive: not C:\data_directory, but D:\data_directory. So I've closed geth, then copied data, as you exactly asked "from C: drive to D: drive", and run following command:

C:\geth\bin\geth.exe --datadir "D:\data_directory" --keystore "E:\keystoredir" --nousb --syncmode "fast" --cache=16384

And that standed for:

  • geth binary from C: drive: C:\geth\bin\geth.exe ,
  • store or use blockchain stored in D:\data_directory
  • store and use wallet keys in E:\keystoredir
  • usb hardware wallets are disabled (have none by hand, no need for support it)
  • 16 gigabytes of ram are dedicaded to geth (75% for sync by default) assuming you have 24 or 32 and more gb RAM
  • mode is "fast" (on older sata2 ssd and core i7 920 from 2010s you will sync in 3-4 days from scratch: as for today there are 263+ millions of known state entries (importing stage)

I am fully synced now and my SSD D:\data_directory usage is 152+ GB

To attach to that node for console you should run like:

C:\geth\bin\geth.exe attach ipc:\\.\pipe\geth.ipc

Then in second console window you will be able to type commands.

PS. Voteup if you found that info useful! Btw, what was your old question?

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