Debated what Stack Exchange to go to for this, but I thought I'd start here since it's related to setting up a local Ethereum dev environment. I downloaded and have been using the Ganache command-line interface to create a local blockchain to develop smart contracts on, but also wouldn't mind having a sweet GUI to look at.

I downloaded the MacOS Ganache desktop app, and after installing it from the .dmg, tried opening it up, getting this error.

“Ganache” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

I checked the Truffle Suite's Github page for Ganache installation, and they mention before building Ganache from a .dmg, to

Make sure you have Truffle's signing keys added to your keychain

Is this for a particular Truffle product, and where do I find the signing keys to add to my MacOS keychain?

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The message is popping up because the Ganache.app from the dmg file has not been correctly signed. This can be checked on MacOS with

codesign -v /Application/Ganache.app

Actually this should be fixed already according to this issue https://github.com/trufflesuite/ganache/issues/216

Anyway, you can navigate around this on Mac by opening "System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General" and then click on button "Open Anyway". You'll have to do this directly after the failed Ganache start.

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