I used old LGA775 machine for running geth node. Its mobo has older sata 3gb/s (benchmark showed that ssd bottlenecked there) and only 4gb of DDR2, with windows installed. So syncing is a real pain process, for a week or more..

Now I accidentally have another better candidate, based on LGA1366 with 6gb/s sata and 24gb of DDR3, and I am thinking of installing Debian. It will be installed on a separate drive, so whole SSD could be dedicaded for blockchain needs, with --datadir command. Even --keystore folder and binaries would sit on separate smaller ssd drive, alongside with Debian with ext4 filesystem.

But before performing that bold move, I have to decide filesystem for geth data directory, to make things work their best way right from the start. Possible candidates are:

  • FAT32 (easy to move along PCs with different OSes, or use as external HDD)
  • exFAT (dedicaded to flash-based storage, saves erase-cycles?)
  • Ext4 (native for linux, most stable and supported there)
  • ZFS (i heard that is used for enterprise storage, could be more manageable if i plan reconfigure HW, resize volumes, so on)

What to choose? Why? What tuning/parameters would you recommend? (since we all know that LevelDB stores enormous number of ~2100KB *.ldb files under chaindata directory)

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