I have a cluster with 2 nodes and I would like to create a testnet by connecting them with geth.

I am using the following command:

geth --datadir node1 --port 30302 --rpc --rpcport 3003 --rpcaddr --ipcpath node1/geth.ipc --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal" --networkid 15 --rpccorsdomain "*" --ws --wsaddr --wsport 3002 --wsorigins "*"

geth --datadir node2 --port 30304 --rpc --rpcport 3005 --rpcaddr --ipcpath node2/geth.ipc --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal" --networkid 15 --rpccorsdomain "*" --ws --wsaddr --wsport 3004 --wsorigins "*"

and both work individually. When I try to add them as peer, if does not work


Although the exit of this command is true, the peer is not added. Any idea?

  • You should add your solution as an answer, so it can help others.
    – Ismael
    Jan 14 '19 at 6:48

SOLUTION: It is necessary to check the ip address of each node and write it to --rcpaddr yourip. Then: admin.addPeer("....@yourip:yourport")

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