I am trying to decode a String with this code that I found but I have not been able to do it.

String to = inputdata.substring(10, 74);
String value = inputdata.substring(74, 138);

Method refMethod = TypeDecoder.class.getDeclaredMethod("decode", String.class, int.class, Class.class);

String cadena = (String) refMethod.invoke(null, to, 0, String.class);
Uint256 amount = (Uint256) refMethod.invoke(null, value, 0, Uint256.class);

I can get uint256 but not the string


I guess you are trying to decode erc20 transfer method.

You must use the object org.web3j.abi.datatypes.Address rather than String.class.


final Address address = (Address) refMethod.invoke( null, to, 0, Address.class);

and address.toString() is the real recipient of the ERC20 transaction.

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