I'm looking for some examples about how to build a Dapp with Truffle + React + Redux.

I'm able to only find this old tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPP6uAq15d8.

Does anyone have some other material? GitHub repo, guides.

Thank's a lot.

Working "like" a boilerplate


20/03/17 Update Very cool https://truffle-box.github.io/


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DevCon2 helped me :) React Boilerplate https://github.com/silentcicero/react-dapp-boilerplate


You can use truffle-box

It does not come with a reducer for web3, which will be helpful if you are looking to support browser based wallets.

Here's a fork with a web3 reducer that let's you pass web3 to components as a prop


I've just come across this tutorial: https://github.com/davidoevans/react-dapp

It uses Reflux rather than Redux but as it takes you through constructing the boilerplate step by step that shouldn't be too hard to change out. You could use any React starter template instead.

There is a webpack tutorial here: http://truffleframework.com/tutorials/bundling-with-webpack


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