I want to encode the parameters needed to call a contract method. In web3js I would use web3.eth.abi.encodeParameters(types, values); I need to do the same in python I found a function called encodeABI() which takes arguments: fn_name, args=None, kwargs=None, data=None Unfortunately the documentation for this method is missing. So my question is how to encode these parameters using web3py?

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    The arguments you describe seem straightforward. What did you try, and where did you run into trouble? – user19510 Jan 5 '19 at 10:50
  • I did not try this yet, because there is no documentation for this method I would like to know what stays for args, kwargs and why I need to specify the function name when in web3js it's not needed – Marcello Bardus Jan 5 '19 at 14:39

Use contract.selector


For get contract use this code:

def getInfo(abi, address):
    api = w3.eth.contract(address=address, abi=abi)
    return api

def contractFunction(address, param1, param2):
    abi = """
            json abi code   
    return getInfo(abi, address).functions.contractFunction(param1, param2)

And when you make sign transactions, in data you may use this code:

'data': str(contractFunction(contract, param1, param2).selector)
  + param1.rjust(64, '0')
  + param2.rjust(64, '0') 

There contract is first 4 symbols of hash contract function with parameter, and other symbols is symbols, appended to 64 symbols with 0


It seems that you should do:

my_contract.encodeABI (fn_name='my_method', args=[arg1, arg2, ...])

This is similar to Web3js:

myContract.methods.myMethod.encodeABI (arg1, arg2, ...)

See details in documentation.


You can use the eth-abi library.

>>> from eth-abi import encode_abi
>>> encode_abi(['bytes32', 'bytes32'], [b'a', b'b']) 

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