I am running a private permissioned network and would like to use Truffle v5.0.1 for deployment. I use it according to the documentation:

  1. Compile my project with truffle compile so that the ./build folder with the appropriate json files appears.

  2. Deploy my project with truffle migrate --network private, BUT:

I get an error:

Error: Number can only safely store up to 53 bits.

Here is my deployment script:

My 1_initial_migration.js looks as follows:

var Migrations = artifacts.require("Migrations");
var MyTokenContract = artifacts.require("MyTokenContract");

module.exports = function(deployer, network, accounts) {
    deployer.deploy(Migrations, {from:accounts[0], gas: 4500000, gasPrice:0});
    deployer.deploy(MyTokenContract, "arg1", "arg2", {from:accounts[0], gas: 4500000, gasPrice:0});

I have set up a network object whithin the truffle-config file named private:

private: {
  provider: () => new HDWalletProvider(myPrivateKey, `http://ip_address_to_network:22000`),
  port: 22000,
  network_id: "*",
  from: "0x....", 
  production: true

EDIT: If I use HDWalletProvider(myPrivateKey, http://ip_address_to_network:22000) without the port specification 22000 in the URL, then I don't get the above error! Then it seems that everything works fine, but I get NO return or confirmation at all on the console. How do I find out whether the migration worked?

  • What version of truffle are you using? What's the exact output from the command truffle migrate? I've tried with truffle v5 and metacoin box and migration works fine. – Ismael Jan 5 '19 at 1:04
  • @Ismael have updated the question – baermathias Jan 5 '19 at 10:44
  • Can you check if your node is mining transactions? I tried deploying to ganache and geth private and when deploy is complete it will show info about the transactions and the contract addresses created. – Ismael Jan 6 '19 at 2:30
  • eth.blockNumber= didn't increase after my deployment attempt. But truffle is also NOT showing any errors. Thats not very handy to find out whats wring... – baermathias Jan 7 '19 at 0:01
  • If you get no output then the transactions generated by truffle are not being mined. Check if a miner is running and accepts transaction with 0 gas price. – Ismael Jan 7 '19 at 2:11

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