In older solidity compilers this code snippet works. In newer compilers, I get an error. Can someone what I need to change so it works again? I get the following error message: "Type contract createWallet is not implicitly convertible to expected type address. I extracted the snippet so it is easier to see my problem.

contract factorywallet { 

   function newWallet(uint256 _unlockDate) public returns(address wallet){
        wallet = new createWallet(msg.sender);

contract createWallet{
    address public owner;

    constructor(address _owner) public {
        owner = _owner;

You can just use an explicit cast:

wallet = address(new createWallet(msg.sender));
  • Shouldn't that be address(new createWallet(mag.sender))? – Rosco Kalis Jan 5 at 8:47
  • That's better, yes. Edited. (Both work.) – smarx Jan 5 at 8:54
  • Cool, didn't know the first way of casting worked as well – Rosco Kalis Jan 5 at 10:16

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