So, I have a Rinkeby fast sync on my server. When I try to interact with my contract and transfer something, geth says "Submitted transaction", but then I can't find it using its hash on etherscan. When I call the same contract function through Infura's Rinkeby node, with the same gas settings, etc., it does get propagated and I can see it on etherscan within a minute.

Anyone have any idea why that might happen? I noticed that when I list my peers, the network section looks like this:

network: {
  inbound: false,
  localAddress: "blabla:57204",
  remoteAddress: "blabla:30305",
  static: false,
  trusted: false

Should inbound be true in order for my node to submit transactions?


  • Is your node fully synced? Check the last block returned by eth.blockNumber is close to the last mined block. Ensure your node is connected to other peers admin.peers. – Ismael Jan 5 '19 at 1:29

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