I use docker to build a private network, and then I issue a token and I can get the balance correctly. however, after I stop it then restart the geth node, I can't get the right balance of the token I issued before. but if I build the private network without docker, it works well, Details pls look at https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/issues/18383

  • If you're not using persisted volume all your data will be wiped. – Зелёный Jan 3 at 7:06
  • Thx, of cause I persisted the data. like this: version: '3.6' services: miner: image: ethereum/client-go container_name: miner volumes: - .:/ethconf - ~/ethereum_private_testnet:/root/.ethereum networks: - testnet ports: - "8545:8545" entrypoint: sh /ethconf/start_node.sh volumes: ethereum_miner: driver: local networks: testnet: . but it still doesn't work. – Junbao Wang Jan 3 at 7:50

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