I am following a truffle tutorial where the individual users web3.eth.accounts to retrieve all the accounts from Ganash. However that seemed depreciated and to duplicate his results I used web3.eth.getAccounts() as you can see below. enter image description here

However a next command is ran in truffle console web3.eth.accounts[0] which presents account at position 1 (well the first account).

Ultimately, this is my problem as I cannot yet figure out how to accomplish the same in truffle 5.I have tried web3.eth.getAccounts([0]) and web3.eth.getAccounts().then(e => let firstAcc=e[0]; console.log(firstAcc)); which was suggested but neither works. Appreciate any help or guidance I could receive to assist me with this small issue.


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Truffle v5 uses web3 v1 that uses promises to return values. To access the third account you have do something like this:

account = (await web3.eth.getAccounts())[3]

Now account contains the address.


You should try the same as suggested by Ismael. But this will work in two cmd commands like this if you try only account = (await web3.eth.getAccounts())[3]. This will give you undefined . You should try like this

truffle(development) > account = (await web3.eth.getAccounts())[3]


truffle(development) > account

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