I call contract like this :

  static async getInitialProps(res) {

    const users = await UsersContract.methods.getUsers().call();
    const totalusers = await UsersContract.methods.getTotalUsers().call();
    var i;
    const emails = [];
    const usersETHaddr = [];

    for (i = 0; i < totalusers; i++) {

     emails.push(await UsersContract.methods.getUserEmail(i).call());
     usersETHaddr.push(await UsersContract.methods.getUserETH(i).call());


    return { emails,usersETH};


When i have 10-15 users inside the array it loads ok But when i have 20-30 users it takes around 3 minutes to load

I use infura not geth

So why does it load slower when i add more users to the array ?

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    You have a for loop on the number of users, and you're asking why it takes longer when you add more users? What exactly are you expecting, that it would run faster??? – goodvibration Jan 2 at 9:01
  • i need the for loop – alin Jan 2 at 9:58
  • What has that got to do with what I wrote? – goodvibration Jan 2 at 9:59
  • it's a for loop outside the contract , not inside the contract ,making calls per total users , do to fact no solution to call all users with one call ... – alin Jan 2 at 10:13
  • inside for loop call 1 gets user 1 ,call 2 gets user 2 ,you can not do call 1 call user 1 + user 2 + user n – alin Jan 2 at 10:14

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