While recovering address from hash and sign, getting above error.

myHash = '0xd0109ef5f602b69354acd389a2c752f9b80ef6bbce92a922ae8853d43a027b68';

mySign = '0xebedaa7185fe2b0c4a6a6e3f1a833abd14eeb2f05f46931ec5c602e9f67a43af2071e9bcda9a1598dcc9e936ceea71d95d648f9c390c1ef6d58fd01012e2ab4e1c';

var getRecoveredAddress = function (myHash, mySign) 
    return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
        token.recover(myHash, mySign
            , (error, result) => {
                if (error) reject(error);

Please let me know what what's wrong with this code!! Thank you in advance!

  • How the signature was generated? What does token.recover works? – Ismael Jan 1 at 5:03
  • myHash was returning an array object. myHash[0] solved the problem. Thanks! – Maddy1730 Jan 1 at 7:30
  • my ERC865 contract recovering the correct address after generating the sign using Metamask customized function web3.eth.sign() using this. But when I try normal web3.eth.accounts.sign() using this, I'm getting wrong address. I want to sign the hash using private key only!(I know, which is not acceptable!!) – Maddy1730 Jan 1 at 7:32
  • I have created contract referring this. – Maddy1730 Jan 1 at 7:44
  • @Ismael Please suggest the correct way to recover the address – Maddy1730 Jan 1 at 11:13

Try switching to different network in metamask, then switching back. Could be some cached state if you're using ganache and have restarted it.

I got that error message after restarting ganache, and metamask being connected to same server+port already before restart.

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