So i have this enum, which is later used in struct definition in another contract. i wonder if this is a correct way to use enums in solidity?

Additionally, when i run this in remix, addRight function of RightsRegistry contract expects an address as _rightsType parameter. Which i suppose means that reference to the rights contract was created instead.

Question: what is the correct way to implement this logic?


contract RightsEnum {

  enum Rights {
  Rights rights;

    constructor() public {
        rights = Rights.VIEWER;

  function setValues(uint _value) public {
      require(uint(Rights.OWNER) >= _value);
      rights = Rights(_value);

  function getValue() public view returns (uint){
      return uint(rights);



contract RightsRegistry {

    struct Right 
        address holderEntity;
        address targetEntity;
        RightsEnum rightsType;
        address rightsContract;
        string infoUrl;
        uint status;
        uint startTime;
        uint expireTime;

    Right[] rights;

    function addRight(address _targetEntity, address _holderEntity, RightsEnum _rightsType) 

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