I am unable to set balance to zero to all of the subscriber except the winner so that winners gets the complete pool prize and other gets zero balance.

Also how can I prevent a subcriber for a double entry so that one subscriber can take part only once.

function WeeklyW1() public  {

        // not very good random, but better than nothing at the moment.
        uint randWinAddr = uint(block.blockhash(block.number - 1)) % subscriberListW1.length;
        winner = subscriberListW1[randWinAddr];

        for (uint i=0; i<subscriberListW1.length; i++) {
        uint value = (_balances[subscriberListW1[i]] * (subscriberListW1.length)) * 20/100;     
        uint value1 = ((_balances[subscriberListW1[i]] * (subscriberListW1.length)) - value);

        _balances[winner] += value1 ;
        _balances[owner] += value;



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