I would like to use prime256v1 instead of secp256k1 because prime256v1 is more secures,so can I do that and implement the operations of Blind ECDSA operation verification in solidity?

I mean I want to create the verification by my self as

publicKeyc+Generator s =A t=ax mod order c_calulated=H(message||t)mod order

if c == c_caluculated then signature is verified

so ,I want to use those operations: Multiply point *scaler, Add two points, Get x-axis of point, mod , concatenate, Hash,

So, I have created a signature in my application using prime256v1 then in solidity I want to verify this signature ,but from where I use those math operation ?

  • Ethereum only has support for secp256k1 signatures natively. From Byzantium fork you have support for alt-bn-256 curve used for zkSnarks and modular exponentiation. In theory you can implement primitives for a new curve, but gas limit and price will limit they use. – Ismael Dec 28 '18 at 15:55

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