the quantity amount over the total supply,  shown 1E +59 the quantity amount over the total supply, shown 1E +59 Airdrop solidity code maybe got something problem, does someone had idea??
Can't check for token Holder, "Sorry, We Are Unable To Generate The Token Holders Chart For This Token Contract"

Here is contract address: 0x437e46108cc18299ee48074de8db7d99d6703a08


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For ERC20 tokens balanceOf() and totalSupply() are separate functions.

The standard indicates the functionality we should expect but it is up to the developer to enforce the correct semantic of the functions.

From the magnitud of the numbers it is close to (2**256 - 1) / 10**18 = 1.157920892373162e+59, a possibility is that some operation caused an underflow. If you do not use SafeMath library likely this is the case.

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