I am currently working on a real estate blockchain project. Now I have 2 contracts user.sol and property.sol. The person who is registered on the website through user.sol can only buy or sell property in property.sol. I have a modifier in user.sol contract named CheckingRegistration which checks the person who is requesting to buy or sell property in property.sol is registered or not. I have deployed my user contract on blockchain. Now my question is how do I access the state of a person that whether he is registered or not in my property.sol which will deploy later.

  • Please share your code. It is hard to refer to your question otherwise. – goodvibration Dec 23 '18 at 21:37

You can add a Instance of user to the property contract like this:

contract User{
    function CheckingRegistration...        
contract Property{
    User us;

Then u have to write a function where the User in Property is given to the deployed User address like:

function Property(address _a}...{
         us = User(_a)

After that u can call the CheckingRegistration Function for the specific User.


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