I am learning the Drizzle framework after I did a project using TruffleContract abstractions in Javascript (DApp).

I have multiple instances of a contract and I am not able to access at the instances "older" than the last deployed one. With TruffleContract I have the at(address) function that (slowly) retrieves the contract with address address.

For example:

I deploy 3 contracts "MyContract" c1, c2, c3, each one with a different storage variables. Then with TruffleContract I can call these functions:

const getContract = require('truffle-contract')
const contractJSON = require('./MyContract.json')

const contract = getContract(contractJSON)

const instance_c3 = await contract.deployed() // returns the last deployed, c3
const instance_c2 = await contract.at(address_c2) // retrieve c2

How does it work with Drizzle?


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Consider the following way:

Get contract JSON data:

const contract_artifacts = require('../../../build/contracts/contract.json');

Create Truffle Contract object:

const truffleContract = await this.web3Service.artifactsToContract(contract_artifacts);

Get the contract deployed to a specific address:

const contractInstance = await truffleContract.at(CONTRACTADDRESS);

Fill contract name (you can modify the function to pass it as a third parameter):

contractInstance.contractName = truffleContract.contractName;

  await this.drizzleService.addContract(contractInstance, EventsArray);

Bellow is the dynamic addition of the smart contract to Drizzle:

  async addContract(truffleContract: any, events: string[]) {

    if(!truffleContract.contractName) {
      throw new Error('When Calling Drizzle.addContract(...), TruffleContract.contractName is not defined.');
    var contractConfig = {
      contractName: truffleContract.contractName, 
      web3Contract: truffleContract.contract

    // Add using the Drizzle context object
    this.drizzle.addContract(contractConfig, events)

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