I am working on the text, Mastering Ethereum and working on the part where one has to download the blockchain. Now I elected to use geth because parity seemed to be getting stuck on blocks for almost an entire night.

Anyways, I have been doing the download using geth and I believe I am on the right path , the age of blocks started off from over 2 years and now it's down to under a minutes. Now looking at my console if all transactions are less than a minute old.

1) Is it safe to say I have finished downloading the block chain?

2) Can I close this page and when I want to continue or update just run the geth.exe again?

3) If i am not finished, and I close this page, will running the geth.exe resume where i left off?

enter image description here

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The best way to check is to do the following:

  • in a separate terminal, run geth attach to attach to your node
  • type eth.syncing to check the status. If it returns false then you are synced. If not, it gives you information about the sync.

You can close the page, but you would stop syncing. When you ran geth.exe, it will pick up right where it left off.

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