I'm making a React frontend for an open-source blockchain protocol for tokenized hedge funds. So the question is how to provide the payable function that requires some other value attached (n this case, it's uint _usdEthBasis)?

The case is the user wants to send ether to a contract by this payable function with the uint _usdEthBasis number attached.

// [INVESTOR METHOD] Issue a subscription request by transferring ether 
// into the fund
// Delegates logic to the InvestorActions module
// usdEthBasis is expressed in USD cents.  For example, for a rate of 300.01, 
// _usdEthBasis = 30001

function requestSubscription(uint _usdEthBasis)
    returns (bool success)
    var (_ethPendingSubscription, _totalEthPendingSubscription) = 
    investorActions.requestSubscription(msg.sender, msg.value);
    investors[msg.sender].ethPendingSubscription = _ethPendingSubscription;
    totalEthPendingSubscription = _totalEthPendingSubscription;

    LogSubscriptionRequest(msg.sender, msg.value, _usdEthBasis);
    return true;

I tried this one, but I got the error:

Unhandled Rejection (Error): Invalid number of parameters for "requestSubscription". Got 0 expected 1!

    <form onSubmit={this.onSubmit}>
      <h4>Issue a subscription request by transferring ether into the fund</h4>
        <label>Amount of ether to subscribe</label>
          onChange={event => this.setState({ value: event.target.value })}
          onChange={event => this.setState({ usdEthBasis: event.target.value })}

Here is the onSubmit function:

    onSubmit = async event => {

      const accounts = await web3.eth.getAccounts();

      this.setState({ message: 'Waiting on transaction success...' });

      await fund.methods.requestSubscription().send({
        from: accounts[0],
        usdEthBasis: this.state.value,
        value: web3.utils.toWei(this.state.value, 'ether')

      this.setState({ message: 'You have been entered!' });
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You forget to pass parameter as this.state.value inawait fund.methods.requestSubscription(<here you forgot to pass>).


await fund.methods.requestSubscription() -- here you need to specify the unit argument you need to pass, it's just like a method call, pass the arg in requestSubscription(< args>)

Moreover, if you want to pass the sender, {from: sender_addr}in the args space, separated by a comma.

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