We've created and deployed a contract to mint and issue an ERC721 token. I've gone to our admin page in our dapp and "sent" 3 of them to my personal address.

When I check my address in etherscan I see the 3 listed in my erc721 token txns. When I check for those token id's in truffle console looking at the live network they return my address.

So that all seems good to go. Should I be surprised that the tokens don't show up in a coinbase wallet or enjin wallet?

I'm wondering if there's a wallet that will show them, or maybe if there's something wrong with the contract I deployed and I didn't actually mint a fully compliant 721.

Thanks for any ideas. Kevin

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Not many crypto wallets do support the ERC721 Standard out there, TrustWallet is probably one of the few that has implemented the standard for some time now.

You should definitely try TrustWallet, a simple, fast and fully decentralized wallet.


As long as your token contract implements the correct interface, it should be valid ERC721. You can find the interface for example here: http://erc721.org/

The next issues is whether a wallet knows how to display ERC721 tokens. I believe not many wallets currently support ERC721, but it looks like Enjin wallet should.

So I suggest you double-check your token contract code and after that make sure you're using the right addresses. Probably your minting contract is a different contract from the token contract (or is it?) so remember to use the right address.

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