Geth is the official implementation of Ethereum based on the coding language Go. Currently, there are 8 teams that are building Eth 2.0 https://www.coindesk.com/next-gen-buidlers-the-8-teams-working-on-ethereum-2-0

When Eth 2.0 official releases, will Geth become deprecated and will users be forced to use new clients or will it also be implemented into current clients such as Geth?


Ethereum 2.0 is already being implemented according to the current specification by the teams mentioned in the Coindesk article.

Some of the implementations are:

  • prysm by PrysmaticLabs, as far as I know this client was at first a fork of go-ethereum, but then moved to an implementation from scratch, this implementation is written in Go.
  • Lighthouse by Sigma Prime, written in Rust
  • Ethereum Beacon Chain by the Ethereum Foundation, is an implementation of the Beacon Chain (Phase 0) written in Python
  • Lodestar Chain by ChainSafeSystems written in TypeScript.

Ethereum 2.0 will be a new chain/chains, in order to be a block validator you must stake some ETH in a Ethereum 1.0 chain, so Eth1.0 still can be used as usual and also as a way to be part of the new Ethereum 2.0.

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