Just wondering if you could make a ethereum token that is mineable. I saw this link, but don't really know about it and i dont know anything about solidity. Can someone please help me? Thanks, Crypthusiast


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Yes, you could build this quite easily with OpenZeppelin along with EIP 918

Take a look at EIP 918: Mineable Token Standard. Proposed interface:

contract ERC918  {

   function mint(uint256 nonce) public returns (bool success);

   function getAdjustmentInterval() public view returns (uint);

   function getChallengeNumber() public view returns (bytes32);

   function getMiningDifficulty() public view returns (uint);

   function getMiningTarget() public view returns (uint);

   function getMiningReward() public view returns (uint);

   function hash(uint256 _nonce, address _minter) public returns (bytes32 digest);

   function _reward(address _minter) internal returns (uint);

   function _epoch() internal returns (uint);

   function _adjustDifficulty() internal returns (uint);

   event Mint(address indexed from, uint rewardAmount, uint epochCount, bytes32 newChallengeNumber);
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