Is it possible to store a base64 image code as string in block chain? I know we can use IPFS or Swarm as a tool to store an image or a document, but if someone gets to know about the hash anyone can tamper the image/document. Is there any other alternative to store an image or a entire document directly to a private block chain?? I also know if i increase the gas price i can store the image but why do i need gas price in a private block which has very minimum nodes say 3-4.

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    Yes, this is possible. No, someone with the hash can't tamper with the image/document if it's stored in IPFS. (That's the point of the hash: it's infeasible to find another document with the same hash.) If you're using a private blockchain, you can set whatever gas price you want. With the public blockchain, you have to pay a price that will get the miners to include your transaction. – user19510 Dec 10 '18 at 5:45

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