How to generate Ethereum public key from private key in Rust?

I found rust-secp256k1 and it seems to be what I need, but there is no documentation at all, which makes this crate for me, Rust newbie, nightmare.

Appreciate any help.


I'm also not a Rust programmer, so someone will probably have a better answer, but have a look in Parity's keypair.rs, which itself uses rust-secp256k1.

Of interest is probably the KeyPair implementation.

impl KeyPair {
    /// Create a pair from secret key
    pub fn from_secret(secret: Secret) -> Result<KeyPair, Error> {
        let context = &SECP256K1;
        let s: key::SecretKey = key::SecretKey::from_slice(context, &secret[..])?;
        let pub_key = key::PublicKey::from_secret_key(context, &s)?;
        let serialized = pub_key.serialize_vec(context, false);

        let mut public = Public::default();

        let keypair = KeyPair {
            secret: secret,
            public: public,

  • Have been playing with these lines, without success yet :) Dec 9 '18 at 19:40
  • Good luck - let us know if you get it working :-) Dec 9 '18 at 19:42

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