$ solc  --bin -o ./contracts SimpleStore.sol

Warning: This is a pre-release compiler version, please do not use it in product                                                                                                 ion.
SimpleStore.sol:1:1: Error: Source file requires different compiler version (cur                                                                                                 rent compiler is 0.4.18-develop.2018.12.6+commit.9cf6e910.Linux.g++ - note that                                                                                                  nightly builds are considered to be strictly less than the released version
pragma solidity ^0.4.18;
  • Can you provide the pragma directive of your smart contract? Something like pragma solidity <version>.
    – Briomkez
    Dec 6 '18 at 15:34

it looks like you compiled a nightly commit, and the pragma requires the 0.4.18 version or later. You can use a later version of solidity, or use the release version

Remember that ^0.4.18 means "0.4.18 or later", so you can simply use a later version, and that would be more secure. Just know that if you choose a 0.5.x version things may fail, since there where breaking changes, like going from function scoping to block scoping.

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