I am quite new with javascript web3 so don't be judge too hard.

I am using web3 version 1.0.0 beta.

I am taking the web3 reference this way:

if (typeof web3 !== 'undefined') {
    // If a web3 instance is already provided by Meta Mask.
    web3Provider = web3.currentProvider;
    web3 = new Web3(web3.currentProvider);
} else {
    // Specify default instance if no web3 instance provided
    web3Provider = new Web3.providers.HttpProvider('https://rinkeby.infura.io/v3/1b07b6c661304ef48005e16b43b7efa9');
    web3 = new Web3(web3Provider);

And then i am trying to get the contract reference:

var abi = [...];


var myContract = web3.eth.contract(abi, "0x2a2a7c53a6cc3d775e80c38d0fc446e73078902f");

.call({from:localAccount}, function(error, result){
    console.log('error: ' + error);

The error is: Cannot read property 'getPoll' of undefined

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You aren't creating the contract object correctly. What version of Web3.js are you using? 1.0 or 0.2.x? Here is how you do it for each:

1.0: var myContract = new web3.eth.Contract(abi, "0x2a2a7c53a6cc3d775e80c38d0fc446e73078902f")

0.2.x: var myContract = web3.eth.contract(abi).at("0x2a2a7c53a6cc3d775e80c38d0fc446e73078902f")

I highly suggest you use 1.0 if you aren't yet, even though it's in beta.

  • I tried this " var myContract = web3.eth.contract(abi).at("0x2a2a7c53a6cc3d775e80c38d0fc446e73078902f");" and i get the same error. Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 16:52
  • And about the version, i think it is 1.0.0 beta. I am importing it this way: "<script src="cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ethereum/[email protected]/dist/…" integrity="sha256-nWBTbvxhJgjslRyuAKJHK+XcZPlCnmIAAMixz6EefVk=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>" Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 16:54
  • That's not what I put though. Try what I put in my answer, var myContract = new web3.eth.Contract(abi, "0x2a2a7c53a6cc3d775e80c38d0fc446e73078902f") Glad to hear you're using 1.0 though!
    – natewelch_
    Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 17:11
  • I made it work, apparently web3 version was 0.2.x taken from metamask. Now that i am using 1.0.0 it works. At least that part... Commented Dec 11, 2018 at 13:16

Change this:


To this:

new web3.eth.Contract
  • 1
    “Web3.eth.Contract is not a constructor” or something similar Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 17:09
  • @AlexandruSandu: web3, not Web3! Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 17:14
  • I know, i tried that but i wrote this comment form my phone and misspelled it Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 17:15

You must write it in this form:

if getPoll method is view or pure:

    if (! error)

and if the method is changing the state variables use send method, instead of call.

option is a variable that clarify the transaction specifications, like:

var option = {from: 0x...};
  • Still undefined Commented Dec 8, 2018 at 17:04
  • Is your ABI code correct? Commented Dec 8, 2018 at 18:01
  • Yes, i am using the same json with the truffle-contract method of getting the contract, which works fine (“$.getJSON(yadayadayada)”) Commented Dec 8, 2018 at 18:10

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