is there any thing connect to whisper(web3.shh) protocol in react-native. How to connect REACT-NATIVE with whisper ethereum protocol using GETH or any light Client or API

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  1. Add web3js to react-native:

    yarn add [email protected]

1.0.0-beta.34 works well in react-native environment for me. I wasnt very lucky with newer versions.

  1. Run ./geth --rpcapi shh --shh parameter to turn Whisper on.
  2. Use something like this in your class:
this.web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.WebsocketProvider('ws://'));

let postData = {
            ttl: 2000,
            topic: defaultTopic,
            powTarget: 0.2,
            powTime: 20,
            payload: encodeToHex(JSON.stringify({
                _id: this.state.username,
                text: messages[0].text,
                name: this.state.username,
            symKeyID: some symKey,
            sig: some asymKeyId,


let options = {
            topics: [defaultTopic],
            symKeyID: some symKey
this.web3.shh.subscribe('messages', options)
                    .on('data', (message) => { ...

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