I am sending ether to another smart contract and calling its fallback function with higher gas as like:

contractAddress.call.value(1 ether).gas(53000)();

It was working in solidity version 0.4.25 but it stopped working in 0.5.0 giving me error:

TypeError: Wrong argument count for function call: 0 arguments given but expected 1. This function requires a single bytes argument. Use "" as argument to provide empty calldata.

If I try to add blank argument in call() as it says in the error, then it gives me another error:

TypeError: Member "value" not found or not visible after argument-dependent lookup in tuple(bool,bytes memory) - did you forget the "payable" modifier?

I studied the breaking change documentation but that still could not find the solution. Any help would be appreciated :)


Make sure contractAddress is of type address payable. And yes, you'll need to provide an argument. E.g.:

address payable contractAddress = ...;
contractAddress.call.value(1 ether).gas(53000)("");
  • This worked. Thanks again sir.. The mistake I was making was, that I was doing: contractAddress.call("").value(1 ether).gas(53000)(); means adding ("") after call which is incorrect. And as you suggested, I did: contractAddress.call.value(1 ether).gas(53000)(""); and that worked! – Yogesh - EtherAuthority.io Dec 1 '18 at 4:14
  • @smarx I am facing the same issue with the following code : require(msg.sender.call.value(rewardAmount).gas(36000)(""));. How would you specify the type of msg.sender ? Many thanks. – Stanislasdrg Reinstate Monica Dec 22 '18 at 17:26

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