I was wondering what are all the txreceipt_status possible statuses. I was investigating some blocks and noticed that some statuses are empty like: ' ' or have '1'. For both of those, transactions happened. So what is the difference between those, and what other status messages exist ?


Partial answer.

From the code, in receipt.go, the only allowed values are 0 and 1, denoting failure and success respectively.

const (
    // ReceiptStatusFailed is the status code of a transaction if execution failed.
    ReceiptStatusFailed = uint64(0)

    // ReceiptStatusSuccessful is the status code of a transaction if execution succeeded.
    ReceiptStatusSuccessful = uint64(1)

I'm assuming that the empty case, ' ', equates to failure. (Though I can't immediately back up this assertion with anything specific in the code.)

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