There are 3 nodes in my development environment. I use eth.sendTransaction to post some transactions ,and it seems that the transactions are not broadcast to other nodes.

JSON-RPC Request is :

            "to": "0x3d30704a45c6fd56b187343f3b3d21c443c2cdc1",

enter image description here

How can I broadcast the transactions to the whole network?


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By default, accounts are locked so you will need to unlock your account: See this Unlock an Account with geth answer

Do this one of 2 ways:

  1. Through your geth console

geth --unlock --password

  1. Through geth javascript console

personal.unlockAccount(address, "password")

Keep in mind that entering the password non-interactivly stores the password in plaintext in the console history. So, the first option is the better way.


You can set the unlock time as a 3rd parameter in personal.unlockAccount so you can keep it unlocked for a long time period. I think the default is 5 minutes.

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