So far I am only aware of the Cryptopia announcement below. Have any other exchanges delisted of threatened to delist ETH yet? If so, which exchanges and how many?

ETH / BTC market is closing

Cryptopia believes in immutable blockchain technology, We believe that ETH forking their network to save the failures of a 3rd party software developer sets a dangerous precedent as this will open the floodgates to rollbacks for any other potential fund loss of ETH, Had this been the fault of the ETH network core itself this would not be an issue, but since DAO has nothing to do with the ETH network this action seems to be totally motivated my money and investor pressure, with all this in mind Cryptopia have decided to remove ETH from the site to avoid the upcoming fork and any inevitable future forks to save ICO investors., Please close all open orders and withdraw your ETH BEFORE the hardfork is implemented as we WILL NOT be upgrading to the new hardfork, Thanks

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According to the long list of Ethereum exchanges found here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethereum/#markets

Cryptopia appears to be the only one that has announced that it will remove Ethereum

Cryptopia Ethereum trading volume is extremely small (less than 1 BTC in ETH/BTC trading volume for the last 24 hours). Therefore the global liquidity impact of ETH being delisted from just that exchange is minuscule.


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