I am using PHP and ethereum-tx library https://github.com/web3p/ethereum-tx to sign transactions but when trying to send them to the node I got an "invalid sender" error. Besides, exactly the same transaction signed by myEtherWallet https://www.myetherwallet.com/#offline-transaction yields a different result. So I guess ethereum-tx library is applying a different standard than myEtherWallet or I am doing something wrong when signing transaction.

The transaction is a very simple one, just sending 0.1 ether from a wallet to a contract:

$fromAddress = '0x0a2E9bBA44b58841174115b4859297D86d6e8eB0'; // My wallet
$fromPassword = '0x...'; // My pkey
$toAddress = '0x7665822efbd0fde3a4f3f57eccaecdc99b8a64a4'; // A contract address

$transaction = new Transaction([
     'nonce' => '0x14',
     'from' => $fromAddress,
     'to' => $toAddress,
     'gas' => '0x5208',
     'gasPrice' => '0x00',
     'value' => '0x016345785d8a0000' // 0.1 eth

This is PHP code for signing the transaction:

use Web3p\EthereumTx\Transaction;

$transaction = ... <the code above>

$signedTransaction = $transaction->sign($fromPassword);

And the resulting signed transaction is:


Meanwhile same tx signed through myEtherWallet returns:


How can I find out why first signed transaction is invalid and how to fix it? Any ideas? Thx!


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The transaction is invalid in Ropsten because chainId has not been specified. Fix like that:

$transaction = new Transaction([
     'nonce' => $nextNonce,
     'from' => $fromAddress,
     'to' => $toAddress,
     'gas' => $gas,
     'gasPrice' => $gasPrice,
     'value' => $amountWeis,
     'chainId' => 3,

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