I was browsing etherscan's verified smart contracts (i.e. the ones with the source code attached), and I saw that one of the smart contracts contain (or at least I think it contains) a potential vulnerability, in particular it may burn some money. It is sufficient to leave a comment in the comment section?

In this case may be sufficient, but if the vulnerability was even worse? Is there the possibility to contact the developers?


Technically speaking, there's nothing you can do. The code is immutable and it will stay like that forever.

Socially, there's a lot which can be done. In most cases, a comment should be enough, indeed. However, if you reckon that's a high-volume contract with many daily active users, contact Etherscan, MetaMask and alert the Reddit community. If it's more serious, get in touch with the Ethereum Foundation or even the White Hat Group.

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