I have two solidity files. Im trying to get access to one function that is in the second solidity file. I the first contract I import the file.

import "./DateTime.sol";

How can now acced to one function of the imported file???

DateTime dateTime = new DateTime();

My idea is to make what in Java it´s made like this.


Try this:

Let us assume the contract name of the first contract (the contract you imported) eg : contract1

Now use is keyword to implement the functions of that contract like this contract myContract2 is contract1 { // Your code }

Now use the the functions directly just like the example below:

pragma solidity ^0.4.22;

contract Factory {
    function getName() internal pure returns (string) {
        return "Your Name";

contract Contract is Factory {
    string public Name;

    constructor () public {
        Name = getName();

Hope this helps!


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